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How is it to work in Co. Roscommon?

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to embracing life in County Roscommon area: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering working in the County Roscommon area? Well, you're in for a treat! In the heart of Ireland, County Roscommon boasts a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and thriving communities.

Unveiling Roscommon's Activities: Embrace Adventure and Culture

  • Nature Walks: Explore the tranquil beauty of places like Lough Key Forest Park, a haven of walking trails, lush woodlands, and a sparkling lake.

  • Boating and Fishing: With several lakes and rivers, County Roscommon is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful boating experience.

  • Historical Sites: Uncover the county's history through visits to Roscommon Castle and Strokestown Park House, each offering unique insights into Ireland's past.

  • Arts and Crafts: Engage with the local arts scene by visiting galleries and workshops that showcase the talents of County Roscommon's artisans.

Where is Co. Roscommon?

The region is 2:30 hours away from the capital city Dublin and only 30 minutes away from a lovely seaside town of Sligo.

Discover Kilronan Castle: A Gem Amongst Gems

No guide to County Roscommon would be complete without highlighting the majestic Kilronan Castle. This enchanting castle turned luxury hotel offers an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blends history and modern comfort. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a luxurious retreat, Kilronan Castle provides a unique escape that captures the essence of County Roscommon.

Why Kilronan Castle Is a Must-Visit:

  1. Historic Elegance: Kilronan Castle dates back to the 19th century and exudes a sense of history and grandeur. Staying in a castle with such a rich past allows you to immerse yourself in the heritage and culture of Ireland.

  2. Breathtaking Location: Set against the backdrop of Lough Meelagh and surrounded by lush landscapes, Kilronan Castle's location is nothing short of stunning. The serene surroundings provide a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere that's perfect for relaxation.

  3. Luxurious Accommodation: Kilronan Castle offers a range of luxurious rooms and suites, each thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and elegance. From plush bedding to modern amenities, you'll enjoy a restful and pampering stay.

  4. Fine Dining: Indulge in gourmet delights at the castle's fine dining restaurant. With a blend of traditional Irish flavors and contemporary cuisine, you'll have the opportunity to savor exquisite meals in a captivating setting.

  5. Spa and Wellness: Kilronan Castle's spa and wellness facilities are designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. Treat yourself to relaxing treatments and therapies that enhance your overall well-being.

  6. Activities and Recreation: The castle offers a range of activities to enhance your stay, including guided walks, fishing, and even falconry experiences. These activities provide opportunities to connect with the surroundings and make the most of your time at the castle.

  7. Romantic Getaway: Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a romantic escape, Kilronan Castle's ambiance and beauty create an ideal setting for a memorable couple's retreat.

  8. Events and Celebrations: The castle is a popular venue for weddings, conferences, and special events. If you're attending or hosting an event, Kilronan Castle provides a unique backdrop that will leave a lasting impression.

  9. Exceptional Service: The staff at Kilronan Castle are known for their warm hospitality and dedication to making your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Their attention to detail ensures that you'll have a seamless and memorable experience.

  10. Proximity to Attractions: Kilronan Castle's location in County Roscommon means you're within easy reach of various attractions in the region, including natural wonders, historical sites, and charming towns.


Proximity to Sligo City: Where Urban Excitement Meets Rural Tranquility

One of the fantastic aspects of working in County Roscommon is its proximity to Sligo City. Just a short drive away, Sligo offers the perfect blend of urban excitement and cultural experiences. After a productive workweek, you can unwind by exploring the city's charming streets, enjoying its diverse dining scene, or immersing yourself in its vibrant arts and music culture.

What to do in Sligo?

These activities offer just a glimpse of the many experiences you can enjoy in Sligo. Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, an adventure seeker, or simply looking to relax, Sligo has something to offer for everyone.

Working in Co. Roscommon

When it comes to finding a place where your career aspirations can flourish while enjoying a balanced lifestyle, look no further than Co. Roscommon. This charming county, nestled in the heart of Ireland, offers not only a range of promising professional opportunities but also an unparalleled quality of life. Co. Roscommon is more than just a workplace – it's a destination for career growth, community connection, and personal fulfillment.

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