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Ignite Your Career with an Adventure

One of the best hospitality brands and a top world-class service.

Between the Irish breathtaking landscapes, Ashford Castle stands as a definition of elegance and charm. As a young professional, this is your chance to elevate your career while surrounded by timeless beauty. We would tell you more, but the best would be if you check the video below:

Imagine yourself working within the ambiance of a 13th-century castle, where every corner resonates with history.

We are about to give you more reasons to daydream so keep up reading:

Elevate Your Skills through Tailored Development

It's not a job, it's a tranformative experience

Training to the Forbes 5 star luxury standards.

You will gain wisdom from industry luminaries. With custom training to fuel your growth, you'll emerge as a proper professional ready to conquer any challenge.

Here is what their employees have to say:

Explore Ireland's Heartland

On your days off there is a massive space for adventure, weekends filled with exploration, such as Connemara National Park, the energy of Galway City, and epic Lough Corrib. Your time off becomes an invitation to enjoy Ireland's cultural richness and big time fun.

Make it personal

The castle and it's lodge are counting around 400 employees. Many of them are living on-site so being there will give you a community of people to share the lifestyle. Making friends with ease.

As well check some Employee reviews

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Much more to say

Salary and benefits depend on your job title and experience. if you're interested to hear what you can be earning, reach out to the link below and we will go through the whole process.

We are leaving you with a recap of the journey in case you decide to Apply:

Step by step process

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey with us? Join Ashford Castle, become a valued member of their team, and experience the joy of working, exploring, and enjoying life in Ireland. Your adventure awaits!

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