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Senior receptionist

Dublin, Ireland

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

SALARY: €22-€25,000

Meals and uniforms provided
Car parking
Training and Development
Hotel staff discounts
Assistance with accommodation up to 1 month
Greeting on the airport and transport to hotel
City Guidance
Assistance with PPSN, bank accounts, PAYE

The senior receptionist performs various duties, tasks, and responsibilities as shown in the job description example below:

Coordinate the activities of the reception team
Ensure that every phone call is handled in a courteous and professional manner and that all visitors are appropriately attended to
Responsible for directing inquiries accordingly
Ensure the safe keep of information displayed for member use and update it regularly
Ensure the efficient processing of incoming and outgoing mails as it regards the premise
Responsible for arranging couriers
Liaise with suppliers to effect the ordering and distribution of items required by firm, mostly on a weekly basis
Organize celebrations around the premise
Ensure that the entry desk premises are kept tidy and clean at all times. Ensure the maintenance of the front office, entrance foyer, staff area, and board room
Responsible for checking the state of stationery and equipment in the reception area and if found to be malfunctioning, the maintenance personnel should be informed to fix it
Ensure compliance with all company policies, procedures, and guidelines
Ensure records are kept properly so that they can be easily retrieved for review when needed by relevant personnel
Provide support, mostly administrative to other members of staff according to the directives of the manager


  • Effective use of English grammar, spelling, and vocabulary

  • Knowledge of standard procedures and practices in an office

  • Some knowledge of government operation or other complex and multi-function operations

  • Ability to communicate must be fairly strong, as this will promote effective working relationships with other member of staff

  • Ability to understand people that come around, with a degree of poise, and to assist them with their inquiries, and help them with the necessary information that they want

  • Ability to flow well with visitors to the office, and also to maintain a cooperative relationship with other staff

  • Ability to learn on the job and apply to work. This learning should include information about personnel, organization, and service improvement

  • Ability to work effectively under continuing pressure and possible interruptions

  • Ability to understand and keep to instructions, whether oral or written

  • Ability to use the computer fairly well

  • Any previous training on customer service or people management will be an added advantage

  • Working in similar occupation to have gained experience on the job, which demonstrates possession of the required abilities and knowledge

  • Having a chatty and cheery personality. This may sometimes feel like an unwanted or under-valued trait, but it’s something some employers want

  • A smiling face: as a receptionist of any class, a smiling face is really important

  • Ability to be organized and friendly. This goes just beyond the role of picking up the phone to answer to calls

About the Company

Gorgeous hotel for a getaway of much needed retail therapy and entertainment! Just a 3 minute walk to Blanchardstown Centre where you may find all of your favourite stores across fashion, beauty, food and homeware. Located near the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Ireland’s biggest shopping centre.

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