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Struggling to Have A Constant Flow of Candidates?

Meet The Atlas

Teaching Hospitality Brands How To Attract Top Talent - Consistently


Without Recruitment Agencies


Without Relying On Job ADs


Without Headhunting

 Learn More In The Video Below And Book A Free Session Today!

Pool of 1.7 Million


Automated Candidate Outreach

Strong Employer Branding

Analytics &

Hands-Free Software Operations

Constant Talent 


World Class Brands Love Using Our Methods


"Antonio and his team provide a professional, friendly and speedy service.The quality of candidates we are getting now are outmost high and....


"Having worked with Antonio to secure colleagues I would not hesitate to recommend the services and the quality of learning provided by Atlas..."

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"We have been working with Atlas since 2021 as it was so helpful when filling difficult positions.


They have helped us in areas such as the Kitchen and Front Office and have given us great tools to hire these roles..."

So, Why Work With Us

Let’s face it — Finding High-In-Demand candidates can be daunting and time-consuming.

Feeling stuck when trying to fill urgent vacancies

Job ADs not performing, Agencies not delivering

Missing the talent that drives revenue

People leaving on short notice


Having a constant pipeline of qualified candidates sounds like a myth...

That's Where We Come In

Teaching you how to bring all of the candidate attraction in-house by sourcing from the World's biggest Hospitality pool, attracting and hiring the Top talent on time, every time.

The 8 Methods

Automating Outreach

(connecting and speaking to 2250 candidates per account, per month)


(engaging, personalized video intros)

Target Advertising with filters

(cherrypicking talent that suits the requirements)

Being Your Recruitment Agency

(having a robust ATS)

Leveraging The Network

(Incentivising existing network at scale)

Streamline Processes

(connecting all of your software)

Employer Branding

(becoming a go-to brand with Strong Content)

AI Matching

(AI filtering CV's and finding the most qualified)

Imagine spending just 15 minutes on every vacancy

And the rest being automated

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Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 11.51.50.png
Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 16.55.14.png
Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 16.58.23.png
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But Automation is not all ...

Targeted Ads

On Average Per Post

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Even IF you don't have a Hiring team, you can hire!

You can still manage it alone, as it's effortless to set-up.

The 8 Methods combined will allow you to find the Top 1% of the talent. Saving your time by 70%, hiring costs up to 90%, and all of the stress...

Tailor-made for busy HR people in the hospitality sector.


With a focus on hiring 100% In-house for all roles, no matter how big, urgent, or how many you have.


Bringing candidate interest rate to 80%

We will teach you how to stand out, showcase your brand, the opportunity, and focus on what matters.

Employer Branding

Through posts, articles, newsletters, guides

Creating AI-assisted content that sparks people's interest and makes you a go-to brand when looking for a new job. Never run out of writing ideas, create an outline in seconds, and skip the blank page with templates.

Streamline All Of Your Softwares

We will custom-build an automation system that combines all of your software, creating one seamless never-ending workflow.


Initial LinkedIn Outreach and ATS Update:

  • Trigger: A LinkedIn search identifies potential candidates.

  • Action 1: Use to send a personalized connection request to these candidates on LinkedIn.

  • Action 2: Once the candidate accepts the connection request, collects their email and other relevant details.

  • Action 3: This information is then sent to your ATS, where a new candidate profile is created or updated.

Candidate Nurturing and Engagement:

  • Trigger: When a candidate is marked as "interested" in your ATS.

  • Action 1: Enroll the candidate in a nurturing campaign via with periodic check-ins and industry updates.

  • Action 2: Monitor responses and automatically update the candidate's engagement level in the ATS.

Streamlined Interview Scheduling:

  • Trigger: When a candidate schedules an interview via Odro.

  • Action 1: Create a new event in your calendar with the interview details.

  • Action 2: Send a confirmation email to the candidate with the interview details.

  • Action 3: Update the candidate's status in the ATS to "Interview Scheduled".


We teach you and your team

Videos, 1on1 coaching, hands-on implementation


We place and train proven candidate sourcers

If your team is simply too busy, we'd help you hire freelancers within the budget, and arm them with our methods, which will book 100+ screen calls monthly, without you lifting a finger.



We guarantee that you'll hire your next 3 roles with our Methods or we return the money. 

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